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Ringstar F-Kuno is a son of the great Fun du Bois de la Limite. Kuno is a living example of the Ultimate working dog . He is strong , athletic ,extremely intelligent ,confident , and driven. Kuno is an extremely dominant male with a strong character . He has exceptional grips with a crushing bite . Kuno works with ease on any surface type . 

Working Title/ Accomplishments 


Provincial Champion 2015 

Vice Champion 2016

Dog of the Year 2017 


Health Clearances 

Hips A Excellent 

Elbows 0 Excellent 

DNA on file with AKC 


Fun is one of the last living sons of the Dovre Field Vasco aka A'Tim . Fun is a proven produces that consistently sires offspring of exceptional quality . He is of very strong character , has extreme working drive , along with full grips and a crushing bite .


Working Title/Accomplishments 

NVBK CAT I (Highest Level ) 

Vice National Champion 2010

National Champion 2011

Provincial Champion 2012

Regional Champion 2012

Vice Provincial Champion 2013


Health Clearances 

Hips A Excellent 

Elbows 0 Excellent

DNA on file with AKC


Hit is also a son of Dovre Fjeld Vasco aka A'Tim . He is very similar to his father A'Tim and shares his same characteristics when it comes to working . Hit is very strong , and extremely dominant .He is athletic, strong deep grips, extreme drive , excellent jumping technique. He is however, handler specific . Due to the fact that he was too strong for Martine to handle he was never competed in NVBK. But nevertheless a definite asset to our breeding program as he produces excellent offspring . 


Health Clearances

Prelim Hips Good

Elbows Excellent 

DNA on file with AKC 


Dovre Fjeld Vasco aka A'Tim was an extremely successful competitor as well as a great sire . He passed on his athleticism , high drive , and solid nerves to his offspring . A'tim was an extremely competitive dog with deep grips and a crushing bite . He passed along these traits to great sons like Hit , Fun , Gast , and many others. 


Working Title / Accomplishments 

NVBK CAT I ( Highest Level )

Belgian Champion 2003

Grand Prix Winner 2003

Vice Champion 2002

Koerung 3 in Germany


Health Clearances

Hips A Excellent

Conformation Very Good CAC Show. 

DNA on file with AKC . 

Gast sit 1.jpg

Gast is also a son of Dovre Fjeld Vasco aka A'Tim . Gast competed at the highest level in NVBK. Gast made the Championship selections every year . 


Working Title

NVBK CAT I (Highest Level )

Health Clearances 

Hips A Excellent

Elbows 0 Excellent



Churchmount Jurko NVBK CAT I (Highest Level )

exported from Ireland to Belgium 
fully x-rayed (back, elbows, hips)
Dilute D/D
Spondy free
SCDA 1 & 2 free
Jurko is a strong and powerful working malinois. He has a natural hard bite and qualities a real malinois needs. He has a dominant character and uses this in his work very well. He performs each exercise with very high drive and spirit.

CHAMPION 2017 CAT 3, first place with 353/400 points

Competition results 2017 and selected as BEST dog of cat 3 for the National Championship:
 353/400 4th place
  349/400 4th place 
385/400 1st place
386/400 1st place
377/400 1st place
386/400 1st place
387/400 1st place
  370/400 3th place 
277/400 9th place - Grote Prijs der Provincies 
380/400 1st place
 328/400 8st place 
 380/400 2th place
Competition results 2018 and again selected as BEST dog of cat 2 for the National Championship 2018: CHAMPION cat 2 RING Belgium NVBK

G'Bope Vom BR Maringaland is a title Mondio Ring II dog in Brazil . 

Mikee of Joli Troucheaus was exported from Belgium to Brazil . He has a very strong temperament,and a willingness to work, he is an extraordinary dog. Determined, fearless, powerful, with a super drive for food and toys, he has a phenomenal bite. He is currently in training for Mondio Ring.

Dovre Fjeld F'Grim.jpg

Dovre Fjeld F'Grim son of Gast and grandson of Dovre Fjeld Vasco aka A'tim 

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