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The back bone of our kennel

All of our brood-stock are OFA tested , have their DNA on file with the AKC , as well as sent through rigorous testing to ensure they are worthy of being bred.

Our brood stock are either imported from some of the best kennels in the world or produced by us . We retain the very best females in order to ensure our lines will continue to produce the very best. 

Our puppy guarantee

Due to our dedication in preserving this great breed that we love you can rest assured you will get only the best our kennel has to offer . 

All of our breeding stock are tested , and come from some of the best NVBK lines that the Belgian Malinois has to offer . Our puppies are tested and trained starting at the age of 5 weeks old . We spend a great deal of time developing them to ensure you are fitted with the right puppy. 

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