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Puppy Contract

  All puppies are as accurately described as possible and are guaranteed to be healthy, and as “Zwart Masker Malinois has represented” at the time of the sale. Our animals are priced according to pedigree, quality, breeding history and/or possible future potential. We make no guarantees implied or otherwise that any animal sold will gain any type of show or working title, but that they exhibit certain potential and a possibility of doing so based on our evaluation at the time of the sale. We do not guarantee size or color. Any known conformation faults or other flaws will be discussed with the buyer before a puppy is purchased. If, for any reason, the owner cannot keep the puppy, the puppy can be returned to Zwart Masker Malinois at the owner's expense. Our puppies are not sold for resale. Puppies are shipped at 8 weeks old as a courtesy to our clients unless other arrangements have been made. They will have had all veterinarian recommended vaccines. At the time of placement in its new home the puppy will be weaned from its dam and eating Royal Canin Puppy .


Health Guarantee: Any puppy leaving Zwart Masker Malinois will be healthy and have been checked by our vet and issued a health certificate before shipping. We take every precaution to insure the safety of all of our animals, but because we have no control over the animal once it leaves our kennel, Zwart Masker Malinois  accepts no responsibility for death or illness of animals which may be brought on by/ or as a direct result of exposure to other animals and environments. We do guarantee the health of the puppy for 48 hours after purchase and shipment, and the puppy must be seen by a veterinarian within the 48 hours after shipment. If the puppy dies or becomes sick from an illness within the 48 hour guarantee time, Zwart Masker Malinois will replace the puppy only after an examination made by a Zwart Masker Malinois veterinarian. All AKC papers must be returned with the puppy. The puppy must be returned to Zwart Masker Malinois at the expense of the buyer. Any claims as a result of this guarantee must be made within the 48 hour time period, accompanied by a veterinary statement. This guarantee does not cover well puppy visits, regular vaccines, deworming, or any other veterinary care or medication.  ________ Initial


All puppies are guaranteed against life threatening hereditary or life threatening genetic defects until one year of age. If a puppy develops a life threatening hereditary or life threatening genetic defect and it is documented by a licensed veterinarian and confirmed by one of our veterinarians or veterinarian of our choice we will replace that puppy with another puppy of equal value. No refunds. The effected puppy must be returned with all AKC registration and documentation at the buyer’s expense. _______ Initial

 Legal Dispute: Any legal filings by the buyer must be filed in the Loogootee, Martin County , Indiana Jurisdiction and the buyer will be responsible for all legal expenses incurred by Zwart Masker Malinois in any case filed by the buyer that is ruled in the favor of Zwart Masker Malinois. ________ Initial


SHIPPING / TRANSPORTATION CHARGES: We ship nationwide out of Indianapolis International Airport in Indianapolis, Indiana. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer, along with any costs for special health requirements. The cost of a standard Veterinary Certificate of Inspection is $65 (our cost, per certificate), and will be issued with every animal sold.....NO EXCEPTIONS. Please take the time to check your state's animal importation requirements. We must adhere to the requirements of each state. Again, we ship as a courtesy. Shipping crates are $50.00-$75.00 depending on the number puppy. Shipping charges usually total $550.00 for puppies but vary based on the weight of the animal(s) via air or ground, shipping supplies required, and destination. _______ Initial


All AKC registration papers and health related information that we have on an animal will be passed along to the buyer at the time of the sale of male puppies only. If we decide to place a female, the female puppy will be sold with Limited AKC registration, as well as a spay and neuter contract. Our females are sold as working dogs only, not breeders. Upon presentation of spaying documentation from a Licensed Veterinarian Zwart Masker Malinois  will provide all documentation of the female puppy._________ Initial


****This contract is only valid between the Buyer listed above and Zwart Masker Malinois . In the event the said Buyer chooses to sell or relinquish rights to the puppy described above, this will VOID the Health Guarantee with Zwart Masker Malinois and the Buyer described above. **** _________ Initial

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